Queen Creek DECA Leaders & Entrepreneurs

Welcome to our DECA page. DECA was founded in 1946, and since then has impacted the lives of more than 10 million students, educators, administrators, and business professionals. DECA's mission is to prepare emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management in high schools and colleges around the globe.

School Store
The school store is open during both lunches. Completely student run, the store follows all federal nutritional guidelines. You can purchase spirit items, such as tumblers, and clinch sacks at the store as well.

DECA: What Is It?

DECA is a co-curricular organization and serves as an integral part of the CTE Marketing program. An essential component of classroom instruction, DECA activities provide authentic, experiential learning to prepare students for college and careers.

Partnering with local colleges and business, this student-centered organization promotes leadership and team building skills that instills a fundamental commitment to the growth of the communities in which they live.

Each year, more than 100,000 students participate in competitions on the local, state/provincial, and international levels with over 3000 competing in Arizona at the District Career Development Conferences and almost 2000 competitors at the Arizona State Career Development Conference.

How DECA Contributes to Our School

DECA chapter activities contribute substantially to the primary purpose of school to develop well-educated citizens who have self-confidence, self-esteem, and leadership ability and who are community oriented and have a working understanding of the American Free Enterprise System.

DECA prepares the next generation to be:

  • Academically Prepared – DECA members are ambitious, high achieving leaders equipped to conquer the challenges of their ambitions.
  • Community Oriented – Recognizing the benefit of service and responsibility to the community, DECA members continually impact and improve their local and broader communities.
  • Professionally Responsible – DECA members are poised professionals with integrity and high standards.
  • Experienced Leaders – DECA members are equipped to effectively influence their peers and provide leadership.

In looking at these objectives, one might think that DECA is all work and no play. This is definitely not true! Queen Creek DECA hosts many social gatherings and community events for students during the course of the year in which new friendships are formed, social skills are developed, and lasting memories are made.

2022–2023 DECA Officers

  • President: Alyssa Neal
  • Vice President of Leadership: Tru Hall
  • Vice President of Mentorship: Kimble Johnson
  • Vice President of Marketing: Lennan Kelly
  • Vice President of Student Based Enterprise: Miley Teason
  • Vice President of Finance: Keighan Law
  • Vice President of Hospitality: Addison Klein
  • Vice President of Career Development: Open

Contact Information

For more information, please feel free to contact the main office.