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High Achievement in a Caring Environment

Our Science Program

Science DepartmentThe Science Department at Queen Creek High School is very motivated and involved in preparing our students for college, lab technician positions, and a more complete and enjoyable experience in understanding science. We believe that science and technology impact our life nearly every moment of the day and that we have the responsibility to help our students be prepared to excel in our world using them to their benefit. 

Our robotics program is highly successful and has participated in local, regional, and national competitions. We offer courses that begin with a basic understanding of the world and universe we live in and continue on into classes which encourage and prepare our students for higher education in medical and research-based fields. Our science courses include environmental science, chemistry, human biology, anatomy and physiology, and physics. We offer honors classes in chemistry, physics, and pre-AP biology for students ready to advance their study level further. AP and dual credit courses are being developed by our staff at this time. Our science courses are heavily lab-based, and practical application is prominent in the student’s experience. The lab experience will also help many students prepare for careers in lab technician and support positions as well as other technical fields. 

We believe in assisting our students to be inquisitive and effective problem-solvers. Our expectation is that our courses will not simply help them be successful with AIMS, but will generate a lifelong interest and appreciation of science and technology, while helping them with technical skills and tools that will spur confidence in their career and in their ability to be successful in pursuing higher learning.

Science Mission Statement

The vision and goal of the Queen Creek Science Department is first to support the Queen Creek High School Mission of providing the atmosphere to foster high achievement in a caring environment. We desire to provide students with the ability, knowledge, and technical skills to enable them to succeed in a college or industrial lab setting. We believe in the vital importance of our students' confidence in their ability to use and utilize the science and technology available in our society today and to provide an education and training that inspire a desire for higher education.

Our Teachers and Courses


  • Freshmen - Earth Science, Biology, Pre-AP Biology
  • Sophomores - Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science
  • Juniors - Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Honors Chemistry, Human Biology, Investigative Science
  • Seniors - Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Honors Chemistry, Human Biology, Anatomy/Physiology, Physics

Get to know our outstanding science teachers. Find out what makes them so passionate about what they do.

Bradley Charles

Matt Chicci

Mark Degrow

Kevin Fairhurst
Biology, Anatomy/Physiology, Honors Anatomy

Jacob Frantz

Shaun Hardt
Physical Science, Honors Physical Science

Anthony Potthoff
Chemistry, Biology, AP Biology

Sharon Rowe